Has Society Today Changed Fighting?

As we move into a time where we have to be careful of every word that comes out of our mouth not to offend anybody, it has also changed the landscape of society today. Changed the way we view things, how we tackle problems ahead of us and changed the landscape of sports including fighting.... Continue Reading →


Team USA at 2017 World Championships

Team USA brought 16 competitors, sixty-six thousand miles away from home to Muju, South Korea for the largest World Taekwondo Championships in history with over 3500 competitors. For many, it was their first, for others it was a repeat and for Steven Lopez, it was his 10th. Two of the 16 fighters made it to... Continue Reading →

Did Bellator NYC Fail?

Last night Bellator put on a show or did they? While watching the fights and scrolling through my twitter feed I saw a lot of either love or hate for Bellator NYC and really no in-between. While I admit some of the fights lacked excitement and shouldn't have been paired such as the Bader vs... Continue Reading →

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