Did Bellator NYC Fail?

Last night Bellator put on a show or did they? While watching the fights and scrolling through my twitter feed I saw a lot of either love or hate for Bellator NYC and really no in-between. While I admit some of the fights lacked excitement and shouldn't have been paired such as the Bader vs... Continue Reading →

Sage Northcutt

Is Sage a quitter? A one-hit wonder? Another Houston Alexander? Remember Houston Alexander? The guy who lost to Kimbo Slice. You are probably wondering who loses to Kimbo Slice, Houston Alexander did. Anyways enough about him, what about Sage Northcutt. What is his deal? UFC hyped him up to be the next best thing. Coming... Continue Reading →

Pacquiao vs Rios

Remember when the press was saying Pacquiao is done, saying that he's lost his speed, his power, and was just not the same fighter as he was so many years ago when he was fighting Cotto or Hatton. People were saying the knockout punch Marquez delivered finished Manny Pacquiao once and for all. Well I'm... Continue Reading →

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