Campos vs Girtz

WHAT A BLOODY FIGHT. What a fight period. I loved every minute of it. Derek Campos came out the winner in this rubber match due to doctor’s stoppage. However if it had gone to the card through the first 2 rounds, it would be a hard decision to make. Technically, I would give the fight to Derek Campos, because he was so much more composed and patience while landing clean shots. Meanwhile Brandon Girtz threw a lot of haymakers and connected a lot of those haymakers, but he was a bit sloppy as he was just swinging and sometimes look liked he was swinging hoping to land a punch. Because of Girtz wide swings, Campos was able to remain calm make Girtz miss and throw some beautiful counters such as the knee that spilt Girtz forehead wide open. However whenever Girtz landed a punch, oh that punch LANDED, such as the two right hooks to Campos left eye and the second cause a cut that squirted out much blood.

As much as i didn’t want this fight to stop, it made sense, the cut was nasty, it looked like a piece of his forehead was missing, i would have loved to see it go all 3 rounds. But because the fight did end shorter than anticipated, i think the fans and Girtz and Campos deserve a 4th fight. For this one, i would love to see best of seven. Right now Campos is up 2-1 and this is a rubber match that will be remembered for a long time to come.

What a nasty cut

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 10.26.09 PM



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