Team USA at 2017 World Championships

Team USA brought 16 competitors, sixty-six thousand miles away from home to Muju, South Korea for the largest World Taekwondo Championships in history with over 3500 competitors. For many, it was their first, for others it was a repeat and for Steven Lopez, it was his 10th.

Two of the 16 fighters made it to the finals falling short of Gold and won Silver Medals. Paige McPherson was the first to bring home silver for Team USA. This was Paige 2nd straight World Championship, in 2013 she brought home Bronze from Chelyabinsk, Russia.  Paige also won Bronze at the 2012 Olympic games. The second silver medal was won by Jackie Galloway in the heavyweight division, this was also Jackie 2nd Straight worlds who won Bronze in Russia in the middleweight division. Jackie brought home bronze from Rio, Brazil in the 2016 Olympic Games.

While the others did not place, most of them went deep into the brackets and avoided being knocked out of the competition in the first round. With the average age of the competitors being 23, this is still a young team. With this team, look for big things to come for they still have room to grow.

Congratulations to the 2017 USA National Taekwondo Team in Muju, South Korea. We applaud you of your efforts.


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