2017 World Taekwondo Championships Updates

Update 11:40
With a close but great fight Amanda Bluford loses 6-3

Update 11:36
Amanda Bluford throwing a lot of kicks but not able to connect, end of rd 2 0-0

Update 11:33
Amanda Bluford doing a good job controlling the fight, making her opponent miss, end of rd 1 score 0-0

Update 11:23
Amanda Bluford is about to take the mat. bit.ly/2upDDb5

Update 10:17
Amanda Bluford is America’s last fighter to fight in the Worlds. Can she bring home Gold for USA?

Update 10:05
Steven Lopez loses to China’s Qiao 22-14

Update 10:00
Steven Lopez is down 7-11 at the end of round 2

Update 9:57
Aaron Cook wins his fight 16-14

Update 9:56
Steven Lopez is leading 6 – 3 at the end of round 1

Update 9:52
Steven Lopez is now fighting

Update 9:50
Aaron Cook is up 8-7 at the end of Round 2 > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SOTI5MoJck

Updated medal count after Day 6 finals

Update 9:17

  • The triple Olympic medalist and now double world medalist Maria Espinoza wins bronze medal
  • Germany’s Bachmann wins Gold in the men’s 87kg division
  • Mandic from Serbia rallied a late comeback to win Gold. Was down 11-7 and finished the fight 17-13 to take it all in the Women’s 73kg weight division.
  • Hometown Cho lost to Niger’s Issoufou in the Men’s 87kg+ division. Issoufou has now added a Gold medal to his resume along with the silver he won at Rio 2016 Olympics.

Update of all American Fighters

  • Jackie Galloway places 2nd
  • Paige McPherson places 2nd
  • Alejandro Chang lost in round of 64
  • Jacob Grace lost in round of 16
  • Tyler Miyagishima lost in round of 64
  • Jaysen Ishida lost in round of 16
  • Stephen Lambdin lost in round of 16
  • Christian Sub lost in round of 16
  • Austin Tram lost in round of 64
  • Aziz Chambers lost in round of 16
  • Charlotte Craig lost in round of 16
  • Madelynn Gorman-shore lost in round of 32
  • Danielle Wassell lost in round of 64
  • Ara White lost in round of 16
  • Amanda Blueford has not fought yet
  • Stephen Lopez has not fought yet

Update 2:42

The final four of the women 57kg will be;

  1. Sweden’s Nikita Glasnovic vs Hatice Ilgun of Turkey tomorrow
  2. Jade Jone of Great Brtian and Korea’s Lee Ah-Reum

Jade Jones will be looking to win Gold Medal at world’s after placing 2nd last year.

Update 2:36

Update 2:32

With ease, Jade Jones has made it through to the semis. She will fight Lee Ah-Reum of Korea tomorrow.
Update 1:50

Sadly both American fighters have been eliminated.

Update 11:51

At midnight CST Ara White from Team USA will fight in ring 4 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fVv0xglENG4&feature=youtu.be
Update 8:13

  • USA fighter Jackie Galloway earns Silver while Bianca Walkden won Gold. Both of them Great fighters. This was Jackie 2nd Medal at worlds and Bianca 2nd Gold.
  • The final two American Fighters  of day 5 were eliminated . Both Stephen Lambdin and Christian Suh had made it to the round of 16.
  • There are two more days of Competition left.
  • USA has now 2 Silver Medals in Medal Count.

Update 1:47
Stephen Lambdin wins his fight 28-15

Update 1:43
Stephen Lambdin is up 15-2 at the end of round 2

Update 1:40
Stephen Lambdin is up 10-2 at the end of round 1

Stephen Lambdin is up to fight now

Update 1:12
Suh wins his fight 31-27

Update 1:06
Suh is up 17-13 at the end of round 3

Update 1:03
Suh is up 10 -6 at the end of round 1

Update 1:00am
Christian Suh of USA is fighting now

Update 12:22
DEVASTATING LOST by Madelynn Gorman-Shore. SO CLOSE! Gorman lost in the final seconds 19-20

Update 12:18
Gorman-Shore up 17-9 at the end of round 2

Update 12:14am
Gorman-shore off to a quick start. Up 8-0 at the end of first round

Update 12:10am
Gorman-Shore of USA is up now > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlHAfAUR4O4

Update 7:13pm
Day 5 of the World Taekwondo Championships begins tonight at 8pm, There will be 3 American Fighters,

  • Madelynn Gorman-Shore vs Crystal Weekes (PUR)  -73kg class.
  • Christian Suh vs Abram Lance Cuvinar (PHI)  -87kg division.
  • Stephen Lambdin vs Hamza Kattan (JOR) +87kg division.

Update 4:38pm
Jackie Galloway is set to fight in the semis at 6am tomorrow. > Link to fight  bit.ly/2sjKWiX

Update 8:55 (Fell asleep earlier haha)

  • Lee secures third Gold medal for South Korea. Lee fought in the men 68kg division.
  • Congrats to Paige McPherson for winning silver at Muju2017 . That will be the first Medal for the USA team.
  • Bianca Walkden of GB is guaranteed a medal. Will fight tomorrow.
  • Tomorrow final four for the Women’s 73kg will be Britain’s Bianca Walkden against South Korea’s Saebom An and China’s Zheng Shuyin and the US’s Jackie Galloway.
  • Men’s 58kg final 4 will be Carlos Narvarro of Mexico against Jeong of Korea. And Russia’s Mikhail Artamonov against Spain’s Jesus Tortosa Cabrera

Update 1:29
Carlos Navarro beats Mohamed Al Mahrouqi of Oman 12 – 3 and is now in round of 16

Update 1:27
Meisam Rafiei of Iceland was defeated by Max Carter of GB 13-9

Update 1:21
2016 Olympic Champion Zheng beats Hobday 9-7 in the +73kg Weight class

Update 1:05
Tatiana Kudashova is now in round of 16 after Kyah English withdrew at end of 2nd round, Score was 14-0 Kudashova

Update 12:59
Mexico’s Bridgida Acosta beats Canada’s Emmanuelle Boudreau 21-1

Update 12:55
Rosana Simon of Spain wins her match

Update 12:45
Bianca Walkden wins her fight 20-1 over Rojas

Update 12:41
World Champion Bianca Walkden is up 8-1 at the end of round 2

Update 12:26
The Mexican, Jannet Alegria loses to the German, Madeline Folgmann by 8-1

Update 12:24
Aziza Chambers wins the fight 9-6

Update 12:20
Aziza Chambers is tied 2-2 at the end of 2nd round

Update 12:18
Aziza Chambers up 2-0 at the end of first round
Update 12:12am
Panamanian Victor Gonzalez fell to the Icelandic Meisam Rafiei, in a preliminary round 0-12

Aziza Chambers of USA is fighting live now > youtu.be/YzVXwx2cK0I

Update 10:21pm
First Session of fights for the day are now done. Fights will resume around 12:30am CST. 2pm in Muju, South Korea.

Update 10:20pm
Kazakhstan’s Almas Mukamyrov defeat Azerbaijan’s Fizam Mehtiyev 18-9 to reach the round of 32 of the men’s 58kg

Update 10:08pm
Francisco Palacios of Guatemala defeats Georgios Nicolau of Cyprus,  6-2

  • Home favorite Jeong Yun Jo has made it through to men’s 58kg round of 32
  • Carlos Navarro has made it through to men’s 58kg round of 32
  • Jannet Algeria of Mexico has made it through to women’s 53kg round of 32

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