#hoUSton by Erika Erica

As most of you guys know, we just had a huge hurricane pass through Houston and surrounding areas. Here's a beautiful article written by Erika Erica. The worst of Hurricane Harvey has passed.  He hit Saturday and unleashed waters from the sky - a storm of Biblical proportions.  Tornadoes touched down and left a trail... Continue Reading →


Nothing Is Impossible

"Nothing is Impossible, Unless you make it Impossible"

How McGregor could win.

Connor does have 3 things going for him. 1. Mayweather is old. With age, you slow down, recovery time is not as quick as it used to be. However Mayweather has always proven to be in great shape 2. 1 Shot. As a coach i am always telling my students, it only takes one hit... Continue Reading →

Campos vs Girtz

WHAT A BLOODY FIGHT. What a fight period. I loved every minute of it. Derek Campos came out the winner in this rubber match due to doctor's stoppage. However if it had gone to the card through the first 2 rounds, it would be a hard decision to make. Technically, I would give the fight... Continue Reading →

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